The 2 Most Iconic Jewelry Pieces of Princess Diana


Princess Diana’s Diamond-Encrusted Sapphire Ring
Princess Diana’s ring is a gorgeous white-gold band, encircled with 14 solitaire diamonds, and the showstopper, a beautiful blue sapphire square in the middle. As far as colored engagement rings go, Princess Diana’s is one of, if not the most, iconic rings in the world. Unlike a lot of the royal family, Lady Diana chose the ring for herself. Her choice to pick a ready-to-wear ring instead of a custom fit was scandalous at the time. For a woman of her status to pick a ring that you could buy at the store was practically unheard of. Many critics even called it the “commoner’s ring”. Princess Diana, however, took these criticisms in stride. She has arguably made that design one of the most iconic rings in history. Her choice to pick a ring that could be bought by anyone who could do so, regardless of royal blood, resonated with people. The design for her ring is now one of the most popular designs in the world. Not bad for a “commoner’s ring”.

Princess Diana’s Diamond-Encrusted Sapphire and Pearl Necklace
One could not fail to notice the obvious similarities between her engagement ring and this iconic necklace. Both were given to her as jewelry for her marriage and both had a large sapphire encrusted by diamonds. The only difference was that this one was custom-made and given to Diana by the Queen herself. The sapphire was the size of a small egg and guarded by a double row of diamonds. The sapphire itself could act as a brooch. Princess Diana was not one to wear a brooch often, so she opted to have it as part of a seven-stranded pearl necklace. This particular look had its debut when she met with President Ronald Reagan in 1985 for dinner. Eventually, it would become most famous for being worn to her now-infamous dance with John Travolta.

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